coconut crossing

I cannot believe this really sweet person gave me the birthday candles I needed and then gave me a my choice of streetpass item and some other rare things.  Ahh my gosh, such undeserved sweetness. ♥ Thank you SO MUCH, ladyaruofelyonia!!!


quick ipad doodle to celebrate that spring is almost here!! ♥
Gayle moved in today.

#ACNL Villagers: Charlise
OK time for real talk: I hate her. I hate her moldy teddy bear colors, her catchphrase, her attitude. Thankfully she’s moving today~ I still can’t believe that her original catchphrase was “urgh!” It instantly reminded me of a zombie or ogre, so here she is in all her monster-like glory. :P 
I wonder who will take her place! Let the AC gods be merciful and send me a cutie patootie.


I spend a lot of time thinking about what my outfit would look like if I was a magical girl


my first ac commission for nevvleaf, i tried extra hard since you offered soo much and you were the first to ask!! <33 aah i hope you really like it, it was fun to do, and the first time in a while i have worked hard on art!
(of course marshal has to be doing a dance pose up in the town tree, he is such a show-off when it comes to his dance skills ^ 7 ^)

happy fang for tamatowncrossing